Lights-Direct is a national accounts distributor that has specialized in multi-family, collegiate, assisted living, and light commercial projects for the past 15 years.

Today, the focus is on more complex projects and as the projects have escalated so have the design standards and the needs of the lighting packages. From inception, we were an in-house design/build complement to our client. As their projects develop we help them create unique styles by using our domestic and international sourcing.

We often do this by working directly with architects, engineers, lighting designers, and development teams. That means we will spend the time to help find and or develop your unique fixtures from a focal point in the lobby to lighting up your corridors.  Our in-house design team and international sourcing insures the ability to achieve the intent of the design while meeting the budgetary requirements.

Along with our ability to provide this unique development style we have also been able to create a program that caters to estimating and managing projects from the simplest builds to the most complex.  Additionally, this program helps us to seamlessly transition to a management scheduling tool. Lights-Direct can provide our clients with all the details they require!